Solving Septic Tank Drainage Issues In Ocala, FL

Septic Tank Drain Repair Ocala, FL

The septic system is a vital part of any home, and when it's not operating at its maximum potential, you could experience all sorts of problems. From slow drain clearing to back up in your house bathroom due to the lack of flow-through fixtures like sinks or tubs; these are just some examples of how an inefficiently designed sewer line can affect various areas inside our homes!

Have them checked out by professionals who know what they're doing, like Ocala Septic Service Pros, because even though most parts will work together nicely on their own (unless there was something wrong with installation) if one goes bad then others may start acting funny too, so don't take chances.

If you are having drainage issues, the problem could be a result of something wrong with the drain field or the septic tank. Our experts at Ocala Septic Tank Services can handle anything that you have to throw at us.

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Getting to Know Your Septic System

Whenever you use a restroom or sink in your commercial or residential property, these drains all tie into one single pipe, which then leads to the septic tank. Inside the septic tank, the waste separates into three different layers.

The layer on the top is made of the lighter partials, and this layer is called scum. The heavy solids sink to the bottom of the tank, and this is called sludge. The sludge is what gets pumped out. The last layer can be found in the middle of the tank, this layer is called effluent. It is a liquid that can safely exit the tank through the leach lines or field lines.

Understanding the Drainage System

When it comes to treating wastewater, there is a myriad of ways that effluent can be handled. It is drained into the soil through the leach lines and the microbes in the soil process any remaining biological material or pathogens and turns them into nutrients for plant life – this way is known as "natural treatment."

Drain fields and leach pits are common methods used to achieve this, but other systems exist such as seepage mounds that work similarly.

Leach fields vary in complexity, but they may consist of a large open space dug from the earth with drainage pipes sitting at various intervals.

The pipes are filled with lots of little holes, so that water can pour out slowly and the empty space is filled in by things like sand or gravel. The silted soil will be more absorbent than usual, which helps to distribute effluence into our ground better!


Why Septic Tank Drainage Problems Happen

When there is an imbalance between the parts of a septic system, it can cause drainage problems.

When the Tank Is to Blame:

Tanks that are not pumped regularly build up sludge, which can grow to the point where the layer of gooey gunk reaches high enough to enter into your home's leach field or block an outlet. The only fix for this problem is having a professional come clean out any lines and repair any damage done over time!

If the tank is the problem, you may notice things like slow draining, sewage and wastewater coming back up through the drains, the drains are making a bubbling or gurgling sound, or still water on the ground above the tank.

When the Leach Field Is the Issue:

With the leach field and its lines naturally building up a layer of biomat, this sticky substance is made up of bacteria that like to digest any material left in the effluent. The slow flow of effluent out the drainage system gives it more time for filtering.

The biomat is a critical piece of the septic system. If it becomes clogged, not enough effluent can leave for proper treatment and disposal. This may be the most common cause, but it could also fail if construction was improper or your household is overloading the system with excessive water.

If the leach field is to blame, you may notice effluent on the surface above the leach field or a blown line on the last line of the leach field.

So, if you are having septic tank drainage issues in Ocala, FL, call our team today!

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